Why SmartLink?

SmartLink resolves the difficulties in data integration with four solutions: cloud-based platform, powerful implementation tool, cloud-native architecture, and ready-made connectivity.

Challenge & Solution


SmartLink realizes the following 4 benefits of the latest trend cloud based platform and SaaS.


By converting initial cost into variable cost through the cloud, there is no need for IDC, H/W investment, and S/W purchase cost, and you can efficiently pay only as much as you use.

Agility and Accessibility

Cloud services make it possible to build and deploy global services in a short time. Placing applications in multiple physical locations reduces latency and improves accessibility.

Scalability and Elasticity

By provisioning only as many resources as you need, the auto-scaling feature allows you to elastically expand and contract resources as your business needs change.


You can minimize the resources that go into simple and time-consuming infrastructure operations and focus on the core areas that are important to your business.


SmartLink provides a powerful data integration tool to increase productivity.

WEB Embedded Tool

It provides a Dev/Ops environment where development and operation are all done in one place in the cloud, allowing access anytime and anywhere through the web-based application without installing a separate program.

Simple & Easy Configuration Tool

It provides an intuitive and flexible user interface by composing the entire UI/UX into a graphical environment-based GUI. Users can perform most tasks by clicking and drag & drop, making it easy and convenient to configure and manage new associations.

EDI Asset Management Tool

Users can manage the assets required by EDI such as communication, transformation, partner, and message specification by version. In addition, when constructing a new linkage, efficient resource recycling is possible by measuring the similarity with the EDI assets possessed through the Data Learning Bot function and extracting the most similar cases.


SmartLink comprises an Architecture with excellent maintainability and stability.

DevOps + CI/CD + Container + MSA

SmartLink architecture incorporates four key technologies required to be cloud-native. The micro-services architecture structure implemented on a container basis provides the system with agility and flexibility and provides a DevOps environment by utilizing CI/CD technology without system disruption.

Zero Downtime Service

It is possible to provide uninterrupted service through multi-cloud or multi-zone configuration on the cloud. It is possible to quickly switch to a standby system even in various disaster situations. In addition, it is possible to configure a stable, high-availability environment that manages traffic through Auto-Scaling and Load-Balancing.

High Quality & Performance

SmartLink high-performance integration engine developed by CyberLogitec. Even when handling bulk data communication with multiple partners simultaneously, it provides high-quality performance for accurate processing in a short time.


SmartLink has a features that considers the difficulty of data connection.

Logistics Data Integration SETs

EDI messages used to link with major partners (shippers, terminals, customs, etc.) required in logistics business are prepared in advance with standard JSON message specification and API linkage configuration through Integration SETs. Users can easily configure linkages with logistics partners through JSON messages and REST APIs instead of difficult EDI.

Ready-Made Connection Service

When linking with major partners such as shipping companies, airlines, customs, vendors, etc., which frequently exchange data, you can apply for a connection service prepared in advance in SmartLink without creating a new connection. This can minimize the cost and time required for users to connect with new partners.

Data Migration Tool

The Smart Agent program is installed in the user's local environment and reads the data stored in the DB and transmits it to SmartLink. Through this, users can connect externally through Interface Database without creating separate relay files such as JSON and Flat File.

Connect your products to the world with SmartLink solution.

SmartLink, an integrated platform as a service(iPaaS), is specialized in 

logistics data integration, real-time shipment track & trace, and global customs filing service.