Experience The Power Of Real-Time Cargo Visibility

SmartLink integrates tracking data from over 70 shipping companies and real-time/historical AIS data from vessels worldwide. You can monitor real-time information about the current location of containers, estimated arrival times, and the current positions of vessels you are interested in their system directly.

▪️ Provide the real-time vessel location and all the container events.​

▪️ Cargo visibility enables you to develop more accurate logistics plans.

▪️ Easy integration of tracking data into your system via the SmartLink API.

▪️ Embed the visibility screen into your system to provide it to your customers.

▪️ Share the tracking data with third parties in the desired data format.

70+ Carrier’s Event

Users can explore the unified shipment tracking across 70+ shipping lines in real-time with timestamps.

98% Carrier Coverage

SmartLink provides real-time visibility across and all your shipments with any and every carrier on a single platform.

Real-time & Historical AIS Data

Real-time and Historical AIS data collected from both terrestrial and satellite AIS, enables you to monitor the movements of container ships.

Data Integration Specialists

Our Data Integration Specialists take on the responsibility of incorporating tracking data into your system via the SmartLink API.

Container Tracking

Streamlined Shipment Visibility On A Unified Platform

You can register the containers required to track in SmartLink to instantly monitor the real-time location and container event status. You can integrate through API or embed SmartLink web screen into your system, enabling direct access to Container Events, estimated arrival times, and vessel routes.

▪️ Easily register containers and BLs for tracking via copy & paste from an excel file

▪️ Provide container events, estimated arrival times, and vessel route/position/speed.

▪️ Our APIs allow you to integrate our solution seamlessly into your system.

▪️ Providing web screen embedding for container events and vessel routes.

Stay up-to-date with real-time shipment position

SmartLink offers container tracking capabilities across nearly all shipping lines and vessels, providing visibility for over 98% of global ocean freight. Whether you run a large corporation or a small business, SmartLink has container shipping solutions tailored to your needs. Select the ideal solution for your business and commence your journey today.

Container Event

Vessel Route

Web Screen Embed

API Integration

Vessel Tracking

Live Tracking On the Map

You can view every vessel worldwide on your screen. Register your preferred vessels and get detailed information, including tonnage, dimensions, breadth, maximum draught, average speed, maximum speed, year built, homeport, activity status, and real-time AIS updates. ​

▪️ Track the current location and status of the vessel on the map. ​

▪️ See estimated departure and arrival times for vessel departure and arrival ports.

▪️ Get vessel navigational status and activities.

▪️ Easily manage and track vessels of your interest by registering in my fleet.

Advanced Vessel Monitoring with Satellite and Terrestrial AIS

SmartLink Tracking efficiently conveys data from the Automatic Identification System (AIS) to identify the current vessel position through digital data exchange with nearby AIS stations, including satellites and terrestrial sources. AIS empowers us to calculate berthing times and enhances the accuracy of data acquired from shipping lines.

Real-Time AIS Data

Route ETA & ATD

Ship Information

Manage My Vessel

Connect your products to the world with SmartLink solution.

SmartLink, an integrated platform as a service(iPaaS), is specialized in
logistics data integration, real-time shipment track & trace, and global customs filing service.