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Leverage global customs self-filing service with timely container information.

In order to confidently manage shipments, we provide customs filing and visibility services by collecting track and trace information from the global ocean carriers. We help improve the efficiency of the customs responsibilities by gathering the event-driven notification service for your shipment tracking.

All-In-One solution for Freight Forwarders:

▪️ Manage the business document on the SmartLink cloud repository. ​

▪️ Share the business document with your trading partners.​

▪️ Share the extracted data of the uploaded pdf file with your trading partners.​

▪️ Reduce manual data entry of the customs declarations with the pdf data auto processing tool.​

▪️ Provide location-driven shipment ETAs, shipment track & trace, and sailing schedule.​


Make your first step of Data Integration with a White-Labelled Integration Platform.

Logistics solution providers today face the increasingly formidable challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace. services are becoming commoditized, and more players are competing for the same work. In order to provide a differentiated service to your customers, the cloud-based SmartLink Platform allows you to launch your own integration services in the shipping industry.

All-In-One solution for Logistics Solution Providers:

▪️ Use the platform by either adding your brand elements to the software or reselling to another company. ​

▪️ Start the data integration service with the Pay-As-You-Go Subscription model.

▪️ Provide location-driven shipment ETAs, shipment track & trace, and sailing schedule.

▪️ Empower you to confidently prepare and complete customs declarations.

▪️ Increase the efficiency of shipping document operations by enabling the automatic sharing of updated shipping data.


Integrate EDI data between any cloud application or on-premise application.

When digital transformation is imperative for all stakeholders of the logistics industry, companies are looking for the most efficient solutions to handle their B2B integrations. With the cloud-based EDI integration solution from a trusted provider, you will be able to optimize your business operations while saving time and cost.

All-In-One solution for Ocean Carriers and Container Terminals:

▪️ Integrate all of your business data on the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid deployments. ​

▪️ Allow access anytime and anywhere through the web-based application.

▪️ Transform data into any format with pre-built automation templates.

▪️ Create complex workflows in Drag & Drop interface within minutes.

▪️ Help customers keep their systems running smoothly with our data integration specialists.

▪️ No need for IDC, H/W investment, and S/W purchase cost.

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    Connect your products to the world with SmartLink solution.

    SmartLink, an integrated platform as a service(iPaaS), is specialized in
    logistics data integration, real-time shipment track & trace, and global customs filing service.