Logistics Data Integration Platform

Specialized in Data Integration, Shipment Track and Trace, and Customs Filing Service.

Connect your products to the world with SmartLink All-in-one Solution.

Integration Service

Streamline the data integration process by connecting trading partners, workflow automation, and business intelligence.

Visibility Service

Provide logistics players with up-to-the-moment updates on the location and status of the shipments through web interface.

Customs Filing Service

Innovate the cloud-based self-filing software for easily completing your customs responsibilities.

API Platform

API creation, publishing, version management, monitoring capabilities, allowing for efficient lifecycle management of APIs.


Logistics Data Integration

Integrate internal applications and databases with SmartLink

Electronic data interchange (EDI) integration has become popular for business-to-business (B2B) communications, enabling companies to achieve next-level automation for their inter-company processes.

With the EDI integration solution from a trusted provider, you can optimize your business operations while saving time and cost.

▪️ Connect to any systems and applications with pre-built standard connectors

▪️ Transform data into any format with pre-built automation templates

▪️ Use advanced multi-step workflows to pass data from one to the other

▪️ Help customers keep their systems running smoothly with our data integration specialists

How Data Integration Works?


Support EDI, Database, real-time APIs, and proprietary file-based formats.


Generate insights through powerful analytical capabilities to enable informed decision making.


Using little to no code, transform data into any format with pre-built automation templates.


Use advanced multi-step workflows to pass data from one to the other in Drag & Drop interface.

Real-time Shipment Track & Trace​

Collect shipment track & trace information from all shipping lines.

Container tracking service is becoming increasingly important in the logistics field. We help you meet your customers’ visibility demands through real-time shipment track and trace demands. Eliminate the need to visit countless websites to trace your shipment. You can track all your shipments with any and every carrier on a single platform.

SmartLink delivers visibility data about shipment tracking data coming from the actual carriers. Users can check the current location and status of the shipment in the container delivery timeline.

SmartLink offers real-time shipment track & trace service with an event-driven push notification service.

▪️ Ocean Freight Tracking

▪️ Vessel Verification

▪️ Location-driven Shipment ETAs

▪️ U.S. Rail Movement

Reliable Customs Self-Filing

Global Customs Security Filing without potential fines for each infraction.

Security filings for global customs have complex issues to report declaration directly to customs. As one of the first service providers certified by global customs, SmartLink helps customers to solve their problems regarding customs declaration through the global customs network, electronic data interchange, and featured visibility portal of One-Stop customs declaration functions.

Tapped into at least 15 years of global customs services, and we're equipped with the skill set and ability to handle advanced filing services for most of the global customs authorities as follows:

▪️ U.S. CBP Automated Manifest System (AMS) and Import Security Filing (ISF)

▪️ Canada CBSA Advanced Commercial Information (ACI)

▪️ Japan NACCS Advance Filing Rule (AFR)

▪️ EU Entry Summary Declaration(ENS) / Exit Summary Declaration(EXS)

▪️ Korea Customs Manifest Filing Rule

The Unified API Platform

Create, Publish, and Manage the APIs with Full Lifecycle API Management.

The SmartLink API Platform is a powerful open-source API management platform that helps customers easily and securely share and manage their systems and services with external developers, partners, and customers.

Scale and transform your business with SmartLink API Platform to manage every stage of the API journey in any environment. The SmartLink API Platform empowers both technical and non-technical stakeholders to create and collaborate on API designs through an intuitive interface.

▪️ API creation, publishing, version management, monitoring capabilities

▪️ Revolutionize your API development speed to integrate APIs.

▪️ Provide strong security protocols to manage user authentication and authorization.

▪️ High configurability with self-service capabilities.



Leverage global customs self-filing service with timely container information.

In order to confidently manage shipments, we provide customs filing and visibility services by collecting track and trace information from the global ocean carriers. We help improve the efficiency of the customs responsibilities by gathering the event-driven notification service for your shipment tracking.

All-In-One solution for Freight Forwarders:

▪️ Manage the business document on the SmartLink cloud repository.

▪️ Share the business document with your trading partners.

▪️ Share the extracted data of the uploaded pdf file with your trading partners.

▪️ Reduce manual data entry of the customs declarations with the pdf data auto processing tool.

▪️ Provide location-driven shipment ETAs, shipment track & trace, and sailing schedule.


Make your first step of Data Integration with a White-Labelled Integration Platform.

Logistics service providers today face the increasingly formidable challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace. services are becoming commoditized, and more players are competing for the same work. In order to provide a differentiated service to your customers, the cloud-based SmartLink Platform allows you to launch your own integration services in the shipping industry.

All-In-One solution for Logistics Service Providers:

▪️ Use the platform by either adding your brand elements to the software or reselling to another company.

▪️ Start the data integration service with the Pay-As-You-Go Subscription model.

▪️ Provide location-driven shipment ETAs, shipment track & trace, and sailing schedule.

▪️ Empower you to confidently prepare and complete customs declarations.

▪️ Increase the efficiency of shipping document operations by enabling the automatic sharing of updated shipping data.


Integrate EDI data between any cloud application or on-premise application.

When digital transformation is imperative for all stakeholders of the logistics industry, companies are looking for the most efficient solutions to handle their B2B integrations. With the cloud-based EDI integration solution from a trusted provider, you will be able to optimize your business operations while saving time and cost.

All-In-One solution for Ocean Carriers and Container Terminals:

▪️ Integrate all of your business data on the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid deployments.

▪️ Allow access anytime and anywhere through the web-based application.

▪️ Transform data into any format with pre-built automation templates.

▪️ Create complex workflows in Drag & Drop interface within minutes.

▪️ Help customers keep their systems running smoothly with our data integration specialists.

▪️ Help No need for IDC, H/W investment, and S/W purchase cost.

Our Client


Before 2012, SmartLink was a solution in charge of the overall EDI service of global shipping lines.

And at the request of forwarding companies, we started to provide the US advanced customs filing service. Since then, SmartLink has expanded categories and launched various services, including customs filing services, carrier connection services, and logistics EDI services.

In line with the recent wave of digital transformation that has strongly blown in the logistics fields, SmartLink has expanded the scope from Logistics EDI service to the entire supply chain. SmartLink, specifically designed to overcome complex data integration challenges, makes it easy to streamline the data integration process by combining the power of workflow automation, data analytics, and business intelligence.

In addition to the data integration, we regularly reflect on the latest information from the customs responding to the rapidly changing customs regulations. SmartLink enables users to receive real-time visibility data to be aware of shipment delivery processes.

Connect your products to the world with SmartLink solution.

SmartLink, an integrated platform as a service(iPaaS), is specialized in
logistics data integration, real-time shipment track & trace, and global customs filing service.