CyberLogitec launches SmartLink API Platform Service

CyberLogitech's 'Smart Link' e-service platform, designed to facilitate data integration in a cloud environment and provide comprehensive logistics data services, has now expanded to include the 'Smart Link API Platform.

In response to the rapidly evolving landscape of data integration methods within the logistics market, the shift from traditional EDI to the more accessible API approach has gained significant momentum. Numerous companies are now exchanging, safeguarding, and harnessing a wealth of digital assets through API connections.

Recognizing the growing importance of sharing information seamlessly with business partners through APIs, 'Smart Link' has launched the 'Smart Link API Platform,' equipped with robust API management, security/authentication protocols, and comprehensive monitoring functionalities.

The 'Smart Link API Platform' offers features such as API publication, security/authentication management, gateways, monitoring, and statistical analytics. This enables logistics companies to effortlessly and systematically manage their APIs, fostering smooth collaborations with partners.

By joining the Smart Link API Platform, logistics companies can actively engage in digital transformation alongside their partners, ensuring the acquisition of high-quality data without the need for separate system implementations. This innovative expansion empowers logistics stakeholders to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and data-driven environment.


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Connect your products to the world with SmartLink solution.

SmartLink, an integrated platform as a service(iPaaS), is specialized in 

logistics data integration, real-time shipment track & trace, and global customs filing service.