Kambara Kisen signed a contract for SmartLink Data Integration Platform

CyberLogitech has secured an order for its 'Smart Link Platform' as the chosen data integration system for the renowned Japanese shipping company, Kambarakisen.

In a quest to enhance the efficiency of data integration with logistics firms, Kambarakisen is going above and beyond. They not only offer traditional data integration through EDI but have also adopted the increasingly popular API approach, which has garnered significant attention as a versatile data integration method. Kambarakisen's decision to utilize the 'Smart Link Platform' stems from its reputation for providing a user-friendly drag-and-drop configuration feature.

Selecting the cloud-based 'Smart Link Platform' affords Kambarakisen several benefits, including cost reductions in system implementation and the elimination of concerns related to infrastructure expansion or system management as the company expands its operations in the future. Furthermore, Kambarakisen can seamlessly adapt to the API data integration initiatives introduced by various logistics companies and national governments without additional effort.

The 'Smart Link Platform' is poised to significantly elevate Kambarakisen's data integration efficiency, as it continues to evolve and offer the essential data integration functionalities demanded by the ever-evolving logistics industry.


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