CyberLogitec Obtains License as an ACI eManifest House Bill Service Provider

2015-06-10 13:46:33

CyberLogitec Obtains License as an ACI eManifest House Bill Service Provider

CyberLogitec acquired ACI (Advanced Commercial Information) eManifest House Bill Service Provider license from CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency), a Canadian customs agency, in February 2015.

SmarkLink solution, a customs declaration network service, is providing pre-declaration services to Korean, American, Japanese, European, and Canadian customs agencies. The expectation is that ACI at the Canadian customs office will be put into effect in the second half of 2015. ACI is a policy in which maritime cargo manifest must be declared to the Canadian customs agency 24 hours prior to shipping, and 4 hours prior for air cargo. This policy is implemented in order to effectively manage health/safety/security risks by collecting electronic information on cargo and conveyance before they arrive in Canada. By increasing the predictability of the interested parties, customs delays at the border is minimized. All air/maritime container/bulk cargo coming into Canadian ports must submit manifest; marine carrier, air carrier, freight forwarder (shipping proxy possible), all highway & rail shipment, importers are agents of the manifest.

Noncompliance to eManifest is subject to the following penalties in accordance with AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System). Shipping companies bound for North America must prepare ACI in advance.

1. When lacking or incorrect information is provided
2. When the agents fail to file
3. When the due dates for reporting is past, if the information fails to be transmitted
4. If the changes in data are not notified to CBSA

CyberLogitec acquired ACI eManifest House Bill Service Provider license from the Canadian customs agency, and it built a foundation for supporting a seamless execution of international logistics business in the North American region through its SmarkLink solution.

Inquiries about the details of this affiliation with the customs control agency may be made to Hong Hyeong-pyo at CyberLogitec (02-6350-2328,


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