Releases SmartLink’s IML(Inquiry about registered MB/L-HB/L List) feature

2014-09-01 11:43:36

The maritime logistics IT company CyberLogitec on 1st September released SmartLink IML, a new feature aimed at any user to inquiry Japan’s AFR departure confirmation, discrepancy status for any vessel and B/L anytime.

Since AFR started from March 1, 2014 as scheduled, NVOCCs have no way through system to know timing of AMR and Matching status between HB/L(AHR) and MB/L(AMR).

It was burdensome to parties to do off-line communication necessary to deal with mismatch.

And, customs advance notice may be coming for frequent mismatch cases.

New IML(Inquiry about registered MB/L-HB/L List) feature is prepared for NVOCC to inquiry matching status between MB/L and HB/L anytime through SmartLink.

Any user can access IML feature to have necessary information as below to prevent a fail on customs filing

A. Matching Status between MB/L & HB/L anytime through SmartLink
B. Status of Discrepancy Notice, Advance Notice
C. MB/L Vessel Information
① MB/L Number
② Vessel Code
③ Voyage Number
④ Carrier Code
⑤ Port of Loading Code
⑥ Port of Loading Suffix

“New IML feature enables user to check matching status between HB/L and MB/L anytime after AHR. And, if mismatch exists, user can deal with before deadline.” CyberLogitec said in statement

Inquiries regarding the Japan’s Advanced Filing IML Service, prices, sales and technical matters can be directed to SmartLink Website URL is


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